The Beginning

The Inception, the Dream... the Reality

CMG is a group of young talented artists founded by Samuel Lukorito otherwise known as Lox de Chiz and Christopher Ngare otherwise known as Superprodusir or CMG BEatz in early 2012. Its formation was based on the love for music and the need for leaving the world a better place by impacting a positive change the world’s perception to life as a whole. 254CMG spreads the message “Change your mentality change your life.” They embrace the spirit of togetherness as one people.

The group is based in Nairobi who and the members are entrepreneurs specialized in different forms of art some being music, motion pictures, photography and poetry. The artists work under the record label officially known as Chris Muzik.

CMG is regarded as a family of artistes who work and bond like a family in making music and providing quality entertainment for all people to come together and enjoy. It consists of artistes who are skilled in various aspects of art like: rap, singing, song writing, stage performances and photography among other things. All these aspects are put together collaboratively to create their music.

Our Music

They released their first official group single “254 United” in late 2012 which was a song to motivate Kenyans to stay united and keep the peace as they have over the years and not to be divided by any form of ideology. Throughout the whole of 2013 each artiste worked on various projects and in December 2013 they released their first official group mixtape “This is CMG” which consisted of hit tracks like Keth Kilonzo and The Zone Remix among others. They have remixed a famous track by Hiphop Musician Migos and did their own rendition titled “Ni nani” which has been well received by all their fans.

254CMG works on the basis of bringing each artiste out as a unique individual and also combining all these unique individuals to make a collaborative feel into their music of which led them to record their first official track of 2015 entitled “Shillingi”

Our Shows

The group has performed in various venues mostly in Nairobi some being The Carnivore Simba Saloon for The Pulse Industry Nite, The Kenya National Theatre for the Pamoja Amani Upendo Festival. and The Sarkasi dome for the Monthly Hiphop Hookup, Alliance Francaise for The E&A Fashion event.

They have also performed in various clubs and restaurants like The Mist Lounge and I-Club Nairobi where they have done some of their musical releases.

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