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67Karatz is an African-Kenyan based rapper and a member of the group, Change Making Group (254CMG).

Born and raised in Nairobi by a single mum, he got interested in pop culture at the age of 13 influenced by 2-Pac, Three-6-mafia, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre.

After joining high school he began free styling and battling with the senior students which led to him starting his crew U.N ‘United Negroz’ with; Kingpin, E.M.G, Bush and Carter.

Whereby they recorded a freestyle street mixtape of 6tracks titled ‘MELANIC’ in the school’s art room using just a laptop and internet beats, which gained them popularity in school’s around Nairobi, winning almost every talent search competitions around and later named the best high school rap band according to ‘The Insyder Magazine 2011’ 

Later after clearing high school he met with CMG beAtZ where he got an opportunity to record his first official song ‘STRUGGLES’ and ‘NGORI’-Stin ft Shamz Mc.

This led into him signing up to join the #254CMG family, where he is currently compiling his debut album titled ’CITY BEHIND THE MOON’ scheduled to premiere this summer 2014, produced by CMG BeAtZ comprising of urban tunes and feel, anticipated to shake-up the rap game after release.

He is much optimistic of the albums’ success in the mainstream charts after its prompt release.

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