Deniro Ule Wah

Dennis Wachira


Being his dream since he was a kid, Deniro Ule Wah started his career back in 2012 after finishing his high school. It was after his first record song that people started hearing about him and he would get appreciation from his friends and encouragement to continue writing his music.

Deniro has taken shape in the music industry and as young as he is, he is doing big things, much bigger than other new artists in the industry. He has been on the airwaves with his hit song like “So Sick” and “Vile Naskia” which featured on one of the biggest hiphop shows in Kenya”Hiphop Culture”

Deniro has also been in various projects with D’jungle on their “THC” mixtape which exposed both of them.

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Superprodusir X Flaco - Up Down Cheza Na Rada - Deniro X Flaco 5. Tunagrow 4:20 a.m Feelings [Prod. By Arap Moi] Matatu Workin' Double 67 Bars 1967 Tenee Dame Flani Friend Zone Mbichwa Tu Gutire Worries Lazima Zishike New Born E-Sir Am A Boss Zone Remix More Hits Mshamba Se7en Figures Art of Illusion Do It Mtoto Mtoto Game Of Thongs #AATM Bomboclat Niko Kazi To The Top Repping all day Bamba YOLO Don't Care Beautiful Electro Romance S.O.F.T.L.Y Always Have Yeah Really 2Crayy 8. FOK