Willys Wanjie


March 1994, KidWilly has proved that age is nothing but a number. His carefully thought lyrics set him bars higher than what we currently have in the music industry. Mostly compared to the big names in the American music artists, he says he won’t stop till he wins a Grammy.

At only 21 years of age KidWilly depends on no one for financial support. He moved out of his parent’s house willingly at 17 years, and juggled jobs from working at a car wash to working as a  sales person for hygiene products during the weekdays.

The money he saved helped him record his first track 32 bars. He has performed in many shows including Mr and Miss USIU, Mseto EAfrica club shows at Tibeka and K1Clubhouse, Phoenix Night/Hip-hop Rhapsody to name a few. Samsung Zikistar gave him a platform to compete with other talents in which he earned runners up position majorly because the competition was mainly for singers but the judges got him through coz of his unique style and loveable personality. He is currently a DJ who plays in major clubs in town, a rapper and an entrepreneur.

With an Ep under his belt titled New Born Esir, and the air play he is getting from his current release  New Born Esir  produced by 254CMG and the video  done by BMC(dir X Benjoes ) is a clear indication of how good his music is. As young as he is, his maturity is one to envy, this is reflected in his music which not only captures people his age but also a much mature audience.

His vision is to contribute in taking the Kenyan Music industry to the next level and make music become one of the major contributions in the Kenyan economy by getting more market from Africa and the world at large.

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