254CMG First Lady Celebrates Her Birthday in Style

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Good morning Africa! Good morning Kenya! With this cold you can’t even tell if it’s morning or afternoon!

Well today we are talking Birthday and we want to wish one lovely, talented and true change maker known as Tess a happy birthday! Before anything let’s first agree all gifts are allowed mpesa, credit card, presents in boxes, messages whatever you choose just keep em coming 😀 ……

Okay, so for this special day she actually requested to release to you oh so beautiful fans a new jam called Healer which is a remix of her original Healer off her EP Emotional(Available to Buy in our shop.)

Healer is all about that person who stands with and by you during your darkest of days. You know something like a break up or loosing a loved one? Those are the worst of days right? Well this song is just for you to dedicate to that special someone who is a true friend at all times.

Stream, Download and share! 🙂


 [easy_media_download url=”http://localhost:8280/cmg/old/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/HealerRemix-Tess-ft-Stin.mp3″]

Ratchet Nation’s First Release

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Yet another beautiful day today! Oh Thank God!
Now fresh out the box today we bring you an exclusive straight out of Ratchet Nation and 254CMG.
This is actually a new artiste in the 254CMG stable and the very first artiste in Ratchet Nation under C.EO 67Karatz. He is a very talented dancer and CMG affiliate dropping his brand new jam already rolling deep in the streets. With so much stoner music going round with the likes of the famous “Mbichwa” by D’Jungle and Deniro(shout out to them by the way)or the likes of “Kush Ndio Cologne” by Voste Wade I wonder why cigarettes are  even legal!! They cause cancer yow! People should know that.

But getting back to what brought us here……….
Ladies and gentlemen introducing Billy Cata starring in……. “Stoned”.

Written and Performed By: Billy Cata

Record Label: 254CMG/Ratchet Nation

Produced By: Superprodusir

Stream, download and share.


 [easy_media_download url=”http://localhost:8280/cmg/old/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Stoned-Billy-Cata.mp3″]

254CMG Live on HBR 103.5fm

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Catch 254CMG live tonight on HiphopCulture hosted by DJ Finalkut and Miss Ruby on Homeboyz Radio 103.5fm from 7-9 pm. Listen in and interact with us on any of our social media handles, follow and get in on the 254cmg lifestyle!


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