Superprodusir Pours His Heart Out


It’s February yet again! Thank God Njaanuary ended on a good note and I must say it wasn’t as bad as many people thought it would be really. I think it’s a mindset thing though because some people are never broke in January well at least if you set your mind right.

Well now that we’re here in this amazing month of love for the lovers by the lovers, 254CMG’s Superprodusir has released a brand new song PUMBAZA. An african story about an african boy who is madly into a certain african girl. Guys I’m sure you can relate when you meet that honey for the first time and you sort of bond when you have a conversation. One thing leads to another, late night calls and texts to dates to just chilling in the crib enjoying each other’s company. Heck guys even ditch their friends just to spend time with that girl their crazy about. I once heard a guy make an excuse that his grandmother died and he had to travel just to stay in with his girl in the crib during the weekend and not party with the boys. Alafu slayqueen bado aseme ati Kenyan men are not romantic!

You can listen to the song Superprodusir – Pumbaza.

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Happy lover’s month!


The TheqaTheqa Tape Listening Party How It Went Down

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dsc_0249The TheqaTheqa Tape project by D’Jungle and Deniro finally dropped and the artists, together with the CMG family, planned a listening party in their home turf Ruiru which went down on Saturday, October 1st.

The event not only gave fans stunning performances by various artists from and beyond CMG but also the opportunity to sample the tracks from The TheqaTheqa Tape as well as a special Q&A segment which involved the dual (D’Jungle and Deniro) and other artists featured in the project explaining almost in detail their inspiration and choice to come up with the songs in the Tape and their expectations on their new project.

The party was crazy turnt and at some point had to shit venues to allow for a larger crowd and more spectacular performances but all in all it was an evening well spent. If in case you missed out then worry not coz we had you covered and you can check out the pictures below to see just how the event went down. Some of the singles off of The TheqaTheqa Tape, including the latest release ‘Story Ya Doe’ featuring D’Jungle, Deniro and Scar, are now available for streaming and download and can be accessed by clicking here .

Remember to always keep it for all your entertainment news, new music, show info and product purchase. Don’t forget to watch out for a show coming to a town near you courtesy of CMG Family.

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Legendary Rapper 2Pac Still Lives!

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Hey 254CMG fans! We are glad to inform you that a major hit song is set to drop on the 8th of this month. Our very own 67 Karatz and Monitah have a must listen for y’all called “I ain’t mad”.

I would be so mad and so would you…but 67 ain’t.! The song is inspired by  two lovers who had promised to stay together forever.(as most of us do) promises!!!

As 67 Karatz narrates, he had to leave and his lady promised to wait for him. But the sad thing is that she eventually moves on. 67 Karatz recalls all the memories they shared including turning up on Tuesdays and how his mom used to like her. But now that she moves on,he confesses his feelings outright though in a sarcastic way. “I ain’t mad at you”.

But there are always two sides of the story. As Monitah sings, she waited. But the wait became too long and she became impatient.   And she had to move on. But she also “ain’t mad at him”. Juicy story right? Watch out for the video of this amazing song on YouTube now!

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67 Karatz has done it again. I have to say he never disappoints. With his earlier jams like “Coldest Niggas”, “Get Paid” and “Am Waiguru” he is going places. Monitah is a talented singer and song writer a new voice that blends well with this amazing work of art produced by 254CMG’s B3nz On It.

You can stream Stream and download here, share and spread the 254CMG Love!!



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Game Of Thongs: New Music – Hip-Hop On Another Level

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Oh Lord Oh Lord! It’s Independence day! Happy Madaraka day to all our Kenyan brothers and sisters. Talking about independence, don’t you just hate it when someone is all up in your business? He say she say kind of thing I mean. It really bothers you that someone said something about you an people are saying things about you doesn’t it? Like people judge you without even knowing you or knowing what you’ve been through to get to where you are. That sucks doesn’t it? Well you my friend suffer from GAFD(Giving A F*** Disorder). That’s right. Take it this way. You’re responsible for your own happiness right? As long as you’re happy all is well right? So why not be free? Why not rule your life and take charge of it and make an actual change? It’s actually true what they say change starts with you. Change your attitude toward your life and change your  life.

What better way to pass a message clean and clear than through some good music? 254cmg presents not one but two amazing artists Stin from 254CMG dropping”Weakness” featuring LDC off his newlly released EP “Game of Thongs” (hehehe yeah I know game of thongs) and one rather new affiliation and family too from 420 Degrees Dj Slim B dropping Haunijui featuring Tess and Superprodusir. All exclusive right here. Stream, download, share spread the love the CMG love.

One Love!

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Ratchet Nation’s First Release

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Yet another beautiful day today! Oh Thank God!
Now fresh out the box today we bring you an exclusive straight out of Ratchet Nation and 254CMG.
This is actually a new artiste in the 254CMG stable and the very first artiste in Ratchet Nation under C.EO 67Karatz. He is a very talented dancer and CMG affiliate dropping his brand new jam already rolling deep in the streets. With so much stoner music going round with the likes of the famous “Mbichwa” by D’Jungle and Deniro(shout out to them by the way)or the likes of “Kush Ndio Cologne” by Voste Wade I wonder why cigarettes are  even legal!! They cause cancer yow! People should know that.

But getting back to what brought us here……….
Ladies and gentlemen introducing Billy Cata starring in……. “Stoned”.

Written and Performed By: Billy Cata

Record Label: 254CMG/Ratchet Nation

Produced By: Superprodusir

Stream, download and share.


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254CMG Live on HBR 103.5fm

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Catch 254CMG live tonight on HiphopCulture hosted by DJ Finalkut and Miss Ruby on Homeboyz Radio 103.5fm from 7-9 pm. Listen in and interact with us on any of our social media handles, follow and get in on the 254cmg lifestyle!


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