D’Jungle Now Unchained


After About Five Years In The Rap Game, Djungle, Thika’s Probably Most Recognizable Rapper, Has Finally Dropped His Debut Studio Album And It’s Nothing Short Of FIRE – To Describe It In One Word!!

Fans Of Djungle Would Have Expected The Album To Be Ridden With And Full Of CMG Artists But The Album Only Features Little Known But Highly Talented New Cats In The Game Namely Donga D (From Ruiru Ndani 145), And Vocalist/Singers Kendi, Nita and Tess With Superprodusir Mixing And Mastering The Whole Album As Well As Jumping On One Of The Tracks To Put The Icing On The Cake.

The Album Goes Hard In Reviving HipHop In Kenya Having Featured The Legendary Zakah From The Renowned Ukoo Flani HipHop Group Which Pioneered And Originated HipHop Music In Kenya. The First Single Off Of The Album ‘Saa Hii Saa Saa Hii’ Which Is Available On YouTube, Takes It To An Entire Other Level When It Comes To Hardcore HipHop With Its Chorus Speaking For Itself, “Kama HipHop Is Dead Tunaifufusha Saa Hii Saa Hii” (Which Translates To, “If HipHop Is Dead We’re Reviving It This Minute”) And Is Undoubtedly A Heavy Banger That Will Soon Be Taking Over The Airwaves, If It Hasn’t Already, So Be Sure To Hear It All Over On Replay.

You Can Buy The Album To Listen To More Tracks And Rate It For Yourself HERE