“…If He Only Calls You Up When He’s Thirsty…”

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We live in such a social media lifestyle these days nobody has time for each other! Heck we don’t even have time for ourselves these days! Phone ring here, message there. (Uuugh such a noisy environment we live in these days!)

There are those people you speak to who are close to you and your’e in constant communication so social media has it’s positives too. Now there are on the other hand those people who call or text only when they want something from you. I call them “sumbua”. The type of people who remember you only when they want something or need some help! Yeah I’m talking about you type of girls who call up a guy only when you need some mullah! Coming up with all types of reasons just to milk mi pockets!

I’m sure the ladies have some stuff to complain about too and one very disappointed “Kabura” from “Exit 10 Mafia”  has come out quite strong when she was featured by 254CMG member and C.E.O of “Exit 10 Mafia” Lox de Chiz(a.k.a LDC) in his brand new single “She Gotta Go”.

You know one of the best things that come with being the best is working with the best…….(I see you hater…. I see you). Back to the point. You Know one of the best things that come with being the best is working with the best and each and every time this one director and editor Bryan Adagala always amazes me. You’ll just judge for yourself in a minute when you watch the Lyric video to “She Gotta Go”! 

Now without “mother” ado I present to you “She Gotta Go” by 254CMG’s LDC featuring Kabura. You can download the audio and watch the lyric video too!


[easy_media_download url=”http://localhost:8280/cmg/old/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/LDC-She-Gotta-Go-ft-Kabura.mp3″]