Legendary Rapper 2Pac Still Lives!

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Hey 254CMG fans! We are glad to inform you that a major hit song is set to drop on the 8th of this month. Our very own 67 Karatz and Monitah have a must listen for y’all called “I ain’t mad”.

I would be so mad and so would you…but 67 ain’t.! The song is inspired by  two lovers who had promised to stay together forever.(as most of us do) promises!!!

As 67 Karatz narrates, he had to leave and his lady promised to wait for him. But the sad thing is that she eventually moves on. 67 Karatz recalls all the memories they shared including turning up on Tuesdays and how his mom used to like her. But now that she moves on,he confesses his feelings outright though in a sarcastic way. “I ain’t mad at you”.

But there are always two sides of the story. As Monitah sings, she waited. But the wait became too long and she became impatient.   And she had to move on. But she also “ain’t mad at him”. Juicy story right? Watch out for the video of this amazing song on YouTube now!

[av_video src=’http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRSnWYQsfvA&feature=youtu.be’ format=’16-9′ width=’16’ height=’9′]

67 Karatz has done it again. I have to say he never disappoints. With his earlier jams like “Coldest Niggas”, “Get Paid” and “Am Waiguru” he is going places. Monitah is a talented singer and song writer a new voice that blends well with this amazing work of art produced by 254CMG’s B3nz On It.

You can stream Stream and download here, share and spread the 254CMG Love!!



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