Djungle & Deniro – THC


THC Mixtape

Artist: Djungle & Deniro Ule Wah

Featured Artists: Stitch Blaze, Kandi, Jublak, Ayrosh, Lox De Chiz, Superprodusir

Producer: Superprodusir, Soundtrick, Granchez

Album by D’jungle and Deniro

Featured Artists: LDC, Superprodusir, Bkay, Ayrosh, Scar Mkadinali, Stitch, Kandi, Jublak

Album Produced by; Superprodusir, Soundtrick, Granchez

  1. fatxi

    I like this song a lot

  2. Chris

    This is the most listened to mixtape I know.

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