Superprodusir Pours His Heart Out


It’s February yet again! Thank God Njaanuary ended on a good note and I must say it wasn’t as bad as many people thought it would be really. I think it’s a mindset thing though because some people are never broke in January well at least if you set your mind right.

Well now that we’re here in this amazing month of love for the lovers by the lovers, 254CMG’s Superprodusir has released a brand new song PUMBAZA. An african story about an african boy who is madly into a certain african girl. Guys I’m sure you can relate when you meet that honey for the first time and you sort of bond when you have a conversation. One thing leads to another, late night calls and texts to dates to just chilling in the crib enjoying each other’s company. Heck guys even ditch their friends just to spend time with that girl their crazy about. I once heard a guy make an excuse that his grandmother died and he had to travel just to stay in with his girl in the crib during the weekend and not party with the boys. Alafu slayqueen bado aseme ati Kenyan men are not romantic!

You can listen to the song Superprodusir – Pumbaza.

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Happy lover’s month!